Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goody Goody for You...

My kids are pretty much all grown up now (though they still like to act like ten-year-olds once in a while), so I don’t really have to think about things like children’s birthday parties and goody bags any more. But the other day, for some unknown reason (maybe because of all the gift bags I’ve been filling for the holidays), I had a fleeting, fond memory of the goody bags we used to give to the kids as they left a party.
            I’ve heard tell these goody bags have gotten more elaborate and expensive than they were even just a few years ago, with kids expecting all sorts of treasures to be inside in addition to the usual lollypops or stickers. And that led to thoughts about what I might like in a goody bag if I were to go to a grown-up party, and specifically what might be appropriate to put in the goody bag of a mom. This is what popped into my mind:
            1) A five-class card to my favorite yoga studio
            2) Two tickets to a Broadway show
            3) Some really nice soy candles
            4) A coupon for a free mani-pedi or massage
            5) A box of fancy white chocolates
            6) Some cool earrings
            7) “Free Day” passes upon which my family members do not ask me, “What’s for dinner?” or expect me to do anything other than what I feel like doing (which just may be absolutely nothing).
            8) A bottle of pure sunshine
            9) Leg warmers        
           10) A hefty wad of cash
Yes, I know it’s silly to be thinking of mommy goody bags at a time like this (when I should theoretically be out shopping for others), but it doesn’t hurt to dream. 

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