Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Laugh a Minute

Laughter is a funny thing…
When you feel like laughing there’s nothing that’s more enjoyable than a hearty chuckle. But when you’re in a bad mood, well, who wants to laugh? Certain topics are just not amusing.
            It’s the same with a lot of things, I’m finding. For instance, it’s easy to be calm, optimistic, and not worry when everything is going along just fine in your life.  But the question is, can you be calm, confidant, and trust that all will be well when your world seems to be falling apart?  Can you maintain your equanimity when it seems like all the news items in your personal headlines are bad?
            Most people see me these days as a calm, centered person. But it’s so easy to fall off the wagon. All it takes is an ominous phone call from one of my kids, or a cryptic text message suggesting that all may not be well in their universe to sending me spinning crazily out of my own orderly cosmos.
            I’ve decided the real test isn’t whether you can approach life with laughter and joy in your heart, but whether you can laugh when you feel like crying or be calm when you feel like screaming with anger or frustration. Can you laugh when everything seems sad? Can you find the gratitude and peace in even the most difficult moments?
            A dear friend recently gave me the garden stone pictured above. I placed it next to my front doorstep, which may be why I have laughter on my mind a lot lately. It always makes me smile when things are going swimmingly, of course. And, when I come dragging home after some sort of unpleasant incident or outing, the stone reminds me that no matter what, the sun always comes up in the morning.
They say that laughter is the best medicine. Have you taken your medicine today?

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