Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Loving Winter

It’s officially here! To me, despite what the calendar may say, winter does not officially arrive until the first snowfall. Last weekend dumped more than a foot, so there’s no getting around it now. In celebration, I finished my fifth reading of Pride and Prejudice because, in my opinion, there is nothing much better than re-reading a beloved book in a snowstorm.

To be honest, however, I don’t especially like snow. I’m not a skier, and I hate to be cold. Two days after the snow falls, I’m pretty much done with it and I’m looking forward to spring. However, winter brings certain wonderful things that I enjoy even more when the temperature drops. Here they are, in no special order.
1)  Roasting vegetables, especially Brussels sprouts. Somehow the bliss just isn’t there in 101-degree heat.
2) Making soup, a relaxing therapy for a frigid afternoon. And then, you get to eat it for days!
3) Walking in the woods. There is nothing like the squeak of fresh snow beneath your boots (except for maybe the crackling of leaves underfoot in the fall).
4Going to the beach. Yes, I love the beach in the winter. There’s no one there, and you won’t get a sunburn.
5)  Lighting candles (soy, of course). Candles are beautiful any time but on a cold winter night they sparkle in a heightened way. Of course, if you have a fireplace, all the better.
6) Snuggling under the covers with your loved ones (no, I’m not talking about a ménage a trois—I’m referring to your mate and your little ones, if you have them).
7) Holidays. To ward off the winter doldrums, there are so many wonderful holidays in winter. Since my favorite pastime of all is being with family, winter is the perfect time to indulge.
8) Hot tea. Normally I’m a decaf coffee drinker, but winter and tea are perfect together.
9) Feeding the birds. They’re just so darned appreciative in the winter, and so exquisitely picturesque in the snow.
10) Snow shoveling at night. If you want to experience quiet while getting a workout, there’s nothing like stepping outside into the cold night air and shoveling the moonlit snow.
11)  Reading. Winter reading is a gift, because what else are you going to do when it’s too cold to play outside and you want to avoid house cleaning?
12) Southern vacations. Yes, I know this is about winter, but one of the joys of the season is getting away from it. I love to head to visit my relatives in North Carolina in February. The South just always seems, well, Southier, when it’s extra cold up north.

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