Sunday, November 11, 2012

Comfort Zones

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This weekend I reluctantly stepped outside my comfort zone and participated in a play. No, it wasn't a Broadway show or a Shakespearean masterpiece (though it was very well written). It was a short presentation at a yoga center; more of a "performance piece" about the Aquarian Age.
      What fun! (You might be thinking). Well, not for me. I’m so not a play person. I have no aspirations to be an actress whatsoever. The idea of learning lines terrifies me. I have no desire to be in the spotlight (except maybe in my writing!). But here I was…putting myself  “out there.”   
            So why? I guess because once in a while I like to step outside my comfort zone. I didn’t volunteer to be the “star.” (Nor could I be!)  In fact, I had a meager five lines to learn (plus the choreography, which turned out to be almost as terrifying as the lines themselves). I just dipped my toes in the water. No need to plunge headfirst. Or take on more than I could handle.
            It would have been easier to just say no. But once in while a little toe dipping is in order. Otherwise we get too content to just “do what we do.” One of my friends (who likes to sleep late) says, “I don’t do lunch.” Another says, “I do not wear white.” I don’t dance! (That’s a good one). I don’t read Russian novels! I can’t do Italian food. I am so not into sacred chant music. I hate Bach.... (Hello? Who could hate Bach?) I am not into sushi (even vegetable sushi). I will not try bungee jumping (well, okay, that I’ll give a pass).
            But “puleeze!” I want to cry out sometimes. Give it a chance. Give chance a chance. Say yes to the play, the opera, the ballet, the heavy metal band, or the tofu dumplings. Sometimes, we just need to get over our can’t do’s and learn to do.
            Whatever it is that you can’t, don’t, won’t, do…do it now!  (Except, maybe the bungee jumping).  Dip your toes in the water. Toes will dry!

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