Friday, March 4, 2011

New Army of Women Studies:

According to Army of Women,
"African American women are more likely to die of breast cancer than Caucasian women, even though fewer African American women are getting breast cancer each year and screening use has improved. This difference has gotten worse over the past 20 years. " New research studies are being conducted, and AOW needs your help. Pass this on if you can. Thanks!
The Gap Study: Designed to gather the information needed to better understand the differences in breast cancer treatment experiences between Black/African American Women and White/European American Women. The researchers want to know more about how to improve the survival rates of women with breast cancer.
Learn more and sign up for The Gap Study at:
Project CARE Study: This study is evaluating a stress management, relaxation skills training, and breast cancer education program for Black/African-American women with breast cancer. It is being conducted by researchers at the University of Miami who are interested in evaluating what effect this program has on quality of life.
Learn more and sign up for the Project CARE Study at:
Jewels in Our Genes Study: The research team is studying why some African American families have multiple cases of breast cancer. This will help to better understand if there are undiscovered genes unique to African Americans that may predict early breast cancer risk. 

Learn more and sign up for the Jewels in our Genes Study at:

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